5 Ways to Tap into an Artistic Community
Written by
Ami Mattison
March 2011
Written by
Ami Mattison
March 2011

There was a time when I wasn’t a part of an artistic community, and I struggled in that isolation.

There was no one with which is to fully discuss my art or to challenge me in my skills. More significantly, by not hearing the ideas of other artists as well as not experiencing their creative work, I lacked the creative fuel necessary for artistic growth.

However, over the years, I’ve tapped into several different kinds of artistic communities. And this experience of participating in creative communities has enhanced my artistic skills and challenged me to produce better and more work. More significantly, it’s offered me camaraderie and support from my peers who stimulate ideas, provoke conversations, and generally make creating art a much less lonely pursuit.

The Importance of Community

As artists, we tend to spend our creative time alone and in solitude. While solitude is necessary to creating art, what’s lacking in this scenario is human connection which, in my experience, is absolutely crucial to creating brilliant art.

In my experience and opinion, great art is fueled by our experiences, by our relationships with other people, and by the world around us. These are our sources and resources, and it’s important to connect to them.

Other people in general and other artists in particular provide important feedback and support. This feedback and support comprise the much-needed fuel for creativity. Moreover, they can motivate us to stretch our skills and to produce more and better work.

So, how do you tap into a creative community? How do you find the sources and resources to improve your skills, produce better work, and enjoy the camaraderie of other artists? Read the rest of the article at poetryNprogress.

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