Fairy has a Garden Party.
The well-meaning Topanga Fairies host a garden party for all the spring’s flowers this overcast morning, and in the gloom, the Portulaca sit in out-of-the-way corners of the paved walk, refusing to open up until the sun comes, if it comes. The Columbine have come decked out in their finest, beautiful, a little flimsy and they shiver in their lacy frocks.

The light blue Delphinium sit well with a pink wild Rose.

A fragrant bush Clematis flatters the Davidiana with blue flowers.

Coral pink Oriental Poppies huddle near blue Iris and Butterfly Lilac.

The shy yellow pansies mingle well with the Muscari and wild violets but barely say a word to the pixies.

If the guest isn’t interesting, take care that your sandwiches are.

The flowers are coming to tea, tra la,
What shall the sandwiches be?
Elf likes Irish or Scotch, ha,ha.
And Fairy likes rum in her tea.

Fairy sandwiches

Minced shrimp, parsley and very little pimento mixed with mayonnaise on whole wheat bread.

Seeded raisins, chopped fine, just enough cream cheese to hold them together, moisten with sherry, white bread.

When the sun does come out it is tempting for a fairy to fling off her shoes and dance about the lawn, but do be careful not to step on the hard-working bees hovering in the clover.

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