The Prince and the Rainbow
Written by
Liza Rosenberg
March 2011
Written by
Liza Rosenberg
March 2011

I saw a little prince
Climbing in a tree
He scampered to and fro
He didn’t notice me

I watched him leap from branch to branch
He climbed so very high
And suddenly that tree became
A rainbow in the sky

Up among the clouds he went
And quickly disappeared
Then somewhere in the distance
A crowd began to cheer

I looked up at the rainbow
And knew I had to try
To climb until I reached the top
Until I reached the sky

I poked my head up through the clouds
And much to my surprise
I found a magic kingdom
Right before my eyes

Where streets were paved with cookie dough
And buildings made of cake
With lollipops that grew on trees
Beyond the chocolate lake

And candy people sang and danced
Oh how their faces shone
Joy and laughter filled the air
For now their prince was home

Not wanting to get in the way
I started to descend
Sliding down that rainbow
Until I reached the end

The next thing I remember
Was opening my eyes
And looking for the rainbow
That took me to the skies

But much to my confusion
No rainbow did I see
Just branches upon branches
Of a great big gnarled tree

Clearly I had dreamed it all
That kingdom in the clouds
Where princes coming home again
Are met by candy crowds

Sadly I stood up to go
Took one last look around
And hidden in the grass I saw
Some chocolate and a crown

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