My Book Pile Groweth!
Written by
Hallie Sawyer
March 2011
Written by
Hallie Sawyer
March 2011
I found these little gems the other day at my local library. They were a dollar a piece! Heck yes! Gimme five!

Three for me, two for my children. Seems fair. Wait, I have three children. Ah, he's only five and can't read yet. (Hey, don't judge.) So we're back to fair.

As I walked in the library door, the lobby held five or six long tables, displaying rows of books, organized by genre. I found these little guys and plucked them from obscurity. Our library has a little store to buy books and I think the books needed to go to make room for more in the shop. Whatever the reason, I was pleasantly surprised.

I so enjoy supporting my local library since they have given me so much. I also enjoy supporting my writer friends and have sent comments to my library "advising" them on a few great books that aren't on their shelves.

I popped in Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago and found these gems on their bargain tables. Stick with me, kids. I know where the deals are.

This is more of my To-Be-Read pile. It is a combo of library and store-bought books. A big pile of lovely randomness.

My pile groweth...and my writing is taketh away. I need to stick to a schedule because this is getting nuts. Write in the wee morning, read/comment on blogs in afternoon, and then read at night seems to make the best sense but damned if I can get it right. Until I get into the routine, my pile might look like this for a while.

I feel like I am betraying my writing life if all I'm doing is blogging and reading. If I only write then I feel like I am cutting off my airway by not reading. Reading is just too important to put to the side.

One, I need and want to support my fellow writers. Two, it's to make sure I am exposing myself to all voices, styles of writing, and genres. As I expand my literary horizons, I learn as a writer. Third, the books inspire me. And fourth, James Scott Bell said to.

See, right here. He says in his book Revision and Self-Editing:

So I will try to write, read, write, read, write, read, and then write some more.

And my love will groweth...

What is your writing to reading ratio?

Does writing sacrifice when you read or do you sacrifice reading in order to write? Can we do it all?

What is your secret to success in keeping your pile from overfloweth?


May your pile dwindleth (I know, not a word, but I am on a roll with the eth's) and your mind be inspireth!

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