Hearts with the Japanese
Written by
Marie Cooper
March 2011
Written by
Marie Cooper
March 2011

No one can look at the devastation and ongoing tragedy in Japan without being moved.  While thousands have perished and that is terrible enough, the survivors are facing deprivations of food, water and shelter.  Temperatures are in the freezing range and today it was snowing in the hard hit areas.  Couple that with the nuclear threat and the scope of the disaster is overwhelming.

Sachiko, a fellow blogger, is from that area of Japan and still has family there.  On her blog she implores the public to help in whatever way they can, Tea Rose Home.  And she has asked that other bloggers get the word out.

Financial contributions to reputable organizations seem to be the most efficient method of assisting.  Even donations as little as $10 are welcome.

Here are some of the charities that are organizing to help:

The American Humane Association

The International Red Cross


The Salvation Army in Japan

Doctors Without Borders

Save the Children

If you can do nothing else, whatever your belief system, please offer prayers or thoughts of good will to the people of Japan.

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