I've started my own blog
Written by
Marilyn Fried
March 2011
Written by
Marilyn Fried
March 2011

I tried to blog once before but it wasn't the right time I think.  So now I am trying it again.  My blog will be essays about the world we live in and how it looks from middle age.  I hope you will take a look and tell me about your blogs too.


The reason I created my blog was for discipline of sitting down and doing the writing.  Writers write.  And so it felt like a good way to explore my voice in this genre, although I have kept a personal journal since 1976.  A blog scared me a bit because you are putting yourself out there.  But then that's what writers do.  So wish me luck and teach me what I can do better.  I respect you all.  We're all here, I think, because we have a love affair with words.  I always have.  (So maybe it's time we "dated" openly!)


Here's my blog: http://theremustbesomemistake.com/ 




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  • Yali Szulanski

    I love this...I am getting very little work done right now because I am just engrossed in your writing. Your voice is so raw and honest, and I can't even imagine how moving it is in the writing for yourself. I believe we all have many voices that we share in different realms. My blogging voice, journaling voice, and story voices are all different...yet, all of our voices together are powerful, and resonant. 


    I was in Singapore during the Sumatra Earthquake...we felt it, but had no Tsunamis. It was a truly jarring experience, helped in relief support to Thailand and Indonesia...Each one is a reminder of how fragile we really are.


    Our writing leaves a stamp in the world that our voices exist. 

  • An Indian

    I just visited your blog. Nice one!