International Women's Day SHOUT OUT!
Written by
Julia Barry
March 2011
Written by
Julia Barry
March 2011

It's the 100th anniversary of International Women's History Day, begun in Europe in 1911.

What women inspire you today? 

Today's the day to SHOUT OUT She Writers and women who inspire you! Let's celebrate this day by promoting the *&%$ out of women writers, creators, directors and story-tellers. You can update your status on SW, Facebook, and tweet #SWSO (She Writes Shout Out) all over the web. 

Change comes when we speak up, so let's get to it! Do tell, what are doing today to promote women who write?

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  • Deborah Batterman

    @Lauren --- I would sooner say 'thinking outside the box' than ironic re: your inclusion of Jan Terri. I don't know her music but I'm curious now.

  • Laura

    Here's my shout out: Dalma Heyn, Joyce Carol Oates, Joy Williams, Susan Minot, Peggy Parish, Judith Butler, Jan Terri (for songs; no, I am not being ironic); Mary Gaitskill... could go on and on...

  • Jennifer A. Hudson

    Here's my shout out list of women writers (both living and deceased) to honor today:

    • Adrienne Rich
    • Ann M. Martin
    • Audre Lorde
    • Charlotte Bronte
    • Charlotte Perkins Gilman
    • Christina Rossetti
    • Daphne du Maurier
    • Dorothy Wall
    • Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    • Elizabeth Jolley
    • Emily Bronte
    • Emily Dickinson
    • Ethel Pedley
    • Eve Ensler
    • Helene Cixous
    • Joanna Russ
    • Judith Butler
    • Julia Kristeva
    • Lesbia Harford
    • Margaret Atwood
    • Marge Piercy
    • Marie Cardinal
    • Patricia Reilly Giff
    • V.C. Andrews
    • Virginia Woolf
    • ZZ Packer
  • Julia Barry

    Love that you shouted out Shahrnush, who was highlighted in this "Women in Translation" post by SheWriters Jean Casella and Heather Hewitt.  Women in Translation is featured on She Writes the last Tues. of every month!

  • Deborah Batterman

    I ditto Cathy Kozak's comment  . . . and I would add a  'shout out' for Shahrnush Parsipur, whose eye-opening novel, WOMEN WITHOUT MEN, I discovered on She Writes.

  • Julia Barry

    Right on!