Devil's Kitchen: Publication in Process
Written by
Clark Lohr
March 2011
Written by
Clark Lohr
March 2011

I recently read my book backwards, did my corrections, and submitted them to Oak Tree Press. They'll compare my corrections with theirs, probably cursing me for both the frequent errors I found and the ones I missed as well, and proceed with the process of getting my first novel added to their line of nicely finished trade paperbacks.

Reading backwards, as many of you know, is a basic editing technique, and, although I've got a BA in Lit and Writing and a postbac in English Education, I'd never edited an entire book before.  I can only guess as to how where I'd be today if I'd previously applied myself and my education to vigorous editing exercises and sought out challenging jobs in that field. Thing is, after I'd done it all to the best of my ability, put it in a pdf and sent it off, I realized it was more fun than most jobs I've ever done.  

Susan Cummins Miller, who writes the Frankie McFarlane mysteries, was kind enough to write me a blurb. Oak Tree Press had previously requested a blurb and I'd written one myself, thinking a blurb is just some laudatory comment that helps to explain and advertise the book. Duh. Turns out, a blurb is something somebody else writes; it'a a mini-review. Live and learn, Clark.  Susan's blurb:

Devil's Kitchen, Clark Lohr's debut novel, presents a fresh voice in contemporary Southwest fiction. This witty, fast-paced tale of murder, drugs, and unscrupulous power brokers, set in the Arizona/Sonora borderlands, introduces an appealing Latino/Yaqui detective, Manny Aguilar.  Devil's Kitchen is Tucson noire with a generous dollop of magical realism.

Susan Cummins Miller

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  • Elizabeth Young

    Hi Clark, what is happening in your world? I had to smile when you mentioned that although writing and editing is a lot of work, it's still the job you've most enjoyed. I know my son feels this way about his job as a full time musician with a band. When it comes down to it, it's not that bad and there are an awful lot of pluses. I am really enjoying blogging and getting to know many of the people on She Writes. I am also in the early stages of my first novel which is about my paternal grandmother in England. I have done all the genealogy and family trees and just starting to put the story together, it doesn't require a plot like yours would for instance, but it still needs some kind of a plot. Best wishes. Elizabeth.