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  • I'm a WRITER, not a "writer"................
I'm a WRITER, not a "writer"................
Written by
Amy Wise
March 2011
Written by
Amy Wise
March 2011


What's in a name?  What's in a title?  Does it matter? 


The other day I was on the phone with my talented friend Amy Ferris. At some point during the conversation we were talking about being writers. I shared with her that whenever I say I'm a "writer," I always put quotations fingers up when I say the word, "writer."  I told her how I did this the other day when I was talking to another friend. This friend stopped me and asked, "Why are you using quotation fingers when you say "writer?" You are a WRITER!" Stop with the fingers! You're not a "writer" you're a WRITER!  People are hiring you as a writer because of the words YOU write. You are published, you write beautifully....own it!"  I thought about it for a second and wondered, why do I do this? Why do I not give myself credit?  I'm a very confident person, so what's the deal? Hmmm?


This topic of being a "writer" has come up 3 weeks in a row, in 3 different conversations. Clearly someone is trying to tell me something! I should get the hint already! You would think I would have a big, huge bump on the top of my head by now, as many times as I'm getting hit with this one. 


The second time this came up was on a recent trip to Palm Springs with my mom, sis and daughter. We had a psychic come to the hotel as part of our fun girls weekend. Now whether you believe in this or not....she was dead on for me. Part of what she told me was that I don't give myself credit as a writer. Yes, she said that.  Really.  She said, "You are so talented and your words speak to so many, yet you don't give yourself credit for this talent. You have no idea how talented you really are." This was so weird to hear after my other friend had said, you are a WRITER, not a "writer."  Surreal.


Then came the conversation with Amy. As I was sharing my "quotation fingers" story with her, she stopped me and said, "Oh my gosh I do the EXACT same thing!"  I said, "What?! Why on earth would you not give yourself credit for being a writer!?"  Now for those of you that don't know Amy, aside from being an inspirational, heartwarming friend,.....she is a screenwriter for award winning movies, an editor, playwright, AND she has a best selling book that is now going to be an Off Broadway play this coming Fall. So why on earth would she say, "I'm a "writer," using those pesky quotation fingers?  Why!?  She stopped the conversation and said, "You have to write about this! How many other women out there feel the exact same way?"  


 So here I am, asking all of you.......Why do we not give ourselves credit?  Do you? 


There are so many women that do this to themselves.....we are so talented yet we don't see it or don't allow ourselves to see it. Are we worried that we aren't quite there yet? Where is there? Who decides where there is?  Don't we decide? Aren't we there when our heart sings and what we do gives us joy?  Well if that's the case, I'm sooo there!  Are we worried about what other people think? Who freakin' cares! I don't. Or at least I think I don't. But I must, because I keep using those darn quotation fingers! I need to stop that.  Really.  Are we worried about sounding braggadocious? It's not bragging. It's about being proud! There's a BIG difference. I've worked hard to get to my here.  Are we worried because we haven't published enough or sold enough?  What is enough? It's not about book sales, or Amazon ranks, or how many books have been written. Yes, all that is wonderful, but that's the icing, not the cake. It's about the art of the written word. It's about writing from the heart and soul. It's about pure joy.  That's what it's all about!  My joy, your joy, our joy!


So starting today put the quotation fingers away and CLAIM your talent...whatever that talent is!  Right now!  Do it.  It will be beyond cool. BEYOND COOL! (That's for you Amy F.)  =)


Hi, it's nice to meet you, my name is Amy Wise and I'm a WRITER.


Let's be friends

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