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  • The Joy Of Reading Gets Better When You Buy A Book From Your She Writes Friends
The Joy Of Reading Gets Better When You Buy A Book From Your She Writes Friends

I really love to read!!!

My family and friends know me well. They know I'm never without a book of some kind and that I read more than one book at the same time. I'm currently reading and enjoying seven books. As I've stated in all of my She Writes blogs this site to me is like a child in a candy store allowed to eat all that she wants. 

The joy of reading allows me to read anything so it does not matter if its fiction or non-fiction. It could be a how to or a blog about creating electricity as long as its a good read. The knowledge alone has me excited. Or if I want to go to another world then a good fiction can take me there and keep me.

My husband has never been jealous of another man because he knows without a shadow of doubt where my love and loyalties are. However he has a problem with being jealous of my reading time. He knows that once I'm lost in the pages I will not hear him.

So really who cares about my reading habits you ask? Very good question!!! There is another reason why I'm writing about this today. Yesterday I received the first two books that I ordered from one of my friends here at She Writes. I could not believe the thrill I got when I saw her name on the cover. I could see her face on my friend list and read all the nice things that she said about me and my little writing efforts. I took the paperback books and showed them to my husband as if they were silver and gold. I started reading one and before I knew it I had read half of the book. The entire time that I read all I could say was "wow and she is my She Write Friend...how amazing is that?"

It was as if I received a double treat. Now many of you that may read this might think that this is no big deal, but for me in all of my years of reading and loving it I never knew the author and now I do somewhat and its just fantastic.

Ladies support each others work. It is the greatest thrill ever!!!



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  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Thanks Cathy I sure will...I'm enjoying this so and my book list is just getting bigger and bigger I should have at least four more books coming soon and I will be ordering some this week. Plan on reading Elizabeth's review as soon as I post this