Why I started to write and why I keep on writing.

I started to write about a year and a half ago when I turned the big 50. I blame it on my thyroid although my doctor tells me it's fine. I became restless and couldn't concentrate except to read. I devoured my one daughter's romance novels (Beatrice Small - sex in the highlands in an hour), the Twilight series a dozen times (don't ask me why) and The Sookie Stackhouse series in one week. Was it the sex in the books that kept my interest? Perhaps, but I got tired of reading the words "man root", "love rod", and "hot throbbing arousal" and there was no sex in the Twilight series (unless you count the kissing). I used these words on my husband once. Try them out and let me know if you were laughed out of the bedroom, the barn, the castle, the parlor or whatever room you happened to be in when you used these words in a moment of passion.

When I had my fill of these books I thought, perhaps foolishly, that I could write, too. It would be something my daughters would read. One loves the historical romance novels and the other prefers science fiction but has been caught reading the occasional romance. All I needed were two lovers and some sort of plot line. What could be so difficult in that? My characters came to me easily - Davina and Quinn. I love the names and they are near and dear to my heart - especially Davina. The plot line - well, wouldn't it just develop along with the characters? I had to give it a try. I wrote the first "book" in three months. My daughters, my brutally honest editors and critics, read every page as it was printed. Talk about pressure! They bawled when they read the first ending. I wrote a second ending to make them happy. They loved it but said, "Mom, it's not finished. We need to know what happens to them next." The second "book" was completed within six months.  I thought I was done. My daughters thought I was done. Davina and Quinn yelled at me, "our story isn't finished!" Book three is almost complete. Then it will be time to move on or to stop all together. I don't know. My mind can change.

I love the writing process. I love how the words come to me then don't. I love how my characters talk to me at the strangest times. When I'm driving, doing cardio or trying to fall asleep they whisper in my ear and say, "this is what needs to happen next." I love Davi and Quinn. Is their story realistic? Perhaps not, but it could happen and that's what makes their story so fun to tell.

Before I wrote this blog, Davi found me at the gym and told me she had a scene for me. I've been thinking about it and now I think I know how to write it in her words. I better get to it now before she starts screaming at me.

I am new to She Writes. I welcome your comments.

I have posted my writing on authonomy.com.



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