An Amazing Day.....Priceless

I woke up this morning early because I knew just what I wanted to do today. I gathered all the things that I thought a good social visit would need. I packed each item with care because I was on a mission and wanted to make my friends feel comfortable.

After all I was going to visit and get to know my new found home. I dressed with care and then begin to add the items that I wanted to take with me. My goal was to leave a friendly gift at each stop as a reminder of our visit.

I placed the items into the beautiful basket made out of the finest gold spun love. For each person that I visited I wanted to leave just the right gift. I didn't know what direction I would go in nor did I know just who I would visit.

As I began to stoll down the halls of She Writes I notice all of the beautiful and creative rooms. Each door was done in such a way that you could get a feel of the person that dwelled inside.

I continued to walk and then stopped at the first door of the person that I was going to visit today. It was the "room of her own just got bigger" belonging to Ms. Dawn Nicole Martin. She was already up and from what I could tell had been up for hours.

I was immediately intrigued by her intensity. The way she reached into the bowels of history and brought back a mighty warrior. A female warrior that discovered a need and boldly wrote about it. How this warrior that carved out our history as women today fought hard for our equality.

How she did not back down and would not take the everyday ho-hum of being what the men and so called leaders of the world deemed that women could only be. As I enjoyed this social time I drifted off onto her personal blogsite.

Again she opened up a world that empowered the female while allowing her to be her true feminine self. Too soon I knew that it was time for me to leave if I would have enough time to visit more rooms.

As we parted I reached into my love basket and left her with a shower of reinforced courage. I wanted her to know that she had back up for the task that she would undertake. She would not always be well received because a strong woman and one of color automatically would be rejected. I wanted her to know that she had sisters that would welcome her strength and praise her warrior nature for these days and times.

I left her room with joy in my heart knowing that we had a modern day advocate for our equality. As I turned to leave I saw the golden glow of that courage as it draped all over her and her "room of her own and I watched it grow even bigger"

As I turned away from the bright golden light of Dawn's room I could not see which way I was going and I stumbled right into the next person's room. I had not seen her before. I saw a very peaceful blue light with rays of white. I floated into the room as if I was on a cloud and didn't have any feet.

Once in the room I was serene and mellow but not in a way that made you want to sleep but allowed you to take a deep breath and know that you were alive. Who's "room of her own " was I in. I had to know. Then I discovered her and was fascinated for what felt like hours.

I had floated into the room of Ms. Anjuelle Floyd. A quiet powerhouse. Multi-talented and gifted author, blogradio host and a wife and mother who worked with girls. I drifted from room to room because she had several smaller rooms in her "room that just got bigger".

I could feel her passion. I could feel her radiating peace. I could feel her ablity to make all who visited feel at home. I went from website to blog to blogradio..I didn't want to stop but I knew that it was time to go.

Before I left I reached into my golden basket of love and left her a rainbow array of Joy. I wanted her to know how much joy and peace she brought to me today and those of us that has the rare pleasure to be in her cloud of peace.

I floated out of that room not wanting to go and declaring that I would be back. I walked for sometime wondering what room I would visit and what would I find. Then I heard a sob. Not a cry but almost as if someone needed to take a breath of relief.

I felt as if in this room there was someone that had over come something major. That something not many of us could make it back from. It seemed as if that old something was trying to trick her back but that she fought hard each day to keep it at bay.

I leaned towards the door not sure if I should go in or not. I felt a purple glow of old shame attempting to over take a silver lining of endurance and determination to win the battle at all cost. I was compelled to enter this room of old shadows and a wonderment of raw will power. Who could own such a consuming room.

As I drew closer I found a sweet humble spirit in a determined creative woman. This room belonged to Ms. Jenna Hollenstein. No braver woman could I ever meet. As I sat and absorbed her blog and read the comments from her as well as others I was captured by her unique strength. 

I cried with past hurts that I imagined that she felt and was overjoyed with her triumphs. She possessed more raw ablities then I have ever seen. To be able to rise up from the ashes and shine with the stars. I was in awe and oh so humbled that this wonder of a woman allowed me to visit "her room of her own".

I wanted to get to know her...I wanted her to be my friend I wanted to absorb some of her strength and bottle it away for those times when I thought I would not be able to make it. Soon I knew I had to leave because it was getting late and I had one more stop to make before I returned back to my own "room that just got bigger".

I reached into my basket of love and pulled out a bright light of shimmering pink that when it hit the silver lining it chased away the purple doubt. It was the pink light of hope and prayer that covered her completely and caused the darkness to think twice about returning. I looked back at that room as I walked away and I could see that wonderful light shinning radiantly as it lit up her room and the hall all around. I smiled because I knew if I never met any other members, today was once in a lifetime.

So as I turned towards home and back to my own room . I noticed that I still had one more gift to give before I returned. I had no idea who's room I would stop at. I was beginning to get wary and thought maybe I should call it a day. I could always wonder around again tomorrow.

Then it hit me as if lightening burst from the sky and flash right in front of me. There was no going home now. All around me I felt an electric energy that made you want to dance and sing. The room I was being drawn to was full of activity. There was so much going on.

Who's room could this be. I slowly went towards the door. I have always been afraid of lightening and did not want to get struck.

As I neared the door I was instantly caught up in a river of energy with bright flashes of light all around. This room was full of action and full of purpose, but full of welcome. Then I heard the music so sweet and pure that I had to look around to make sure I was still in the same room.

This room belonged to Ms. Julia Barry. Such a wonder!!! Such energy. So many rooms so many facets. Sparkling like a one of a kind rare hand cut diamond. I got to see all of her different facets. I got to sit in all of her energetic light. I got to hear the music of angels. I felt the warmth of welcome and the comfort of belonging. I wanted to bottle up that energy and keep it forever.

But it was time to go home and end my social day. As I turned to leave I reached into my golden basket of love and pulled out my last gift. It was a bottle of sweet incense that when it was opened a scent of heaven covered the room and allowed the energy to rest.

I left that room while the lightening continued to glow but the scent of rest and comfort drifted out and moved up and down the hall.

What an amazing day I had visiting my She Writes family. I can't wait to do this again soon. Who knows who's room I will visit next and just what treasures I will find? 

Meeting so many wonderful creative ladies today has been simply




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  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Thank you Elizabeth you are so sweet and encouraging and by the way love the hat in your picture

  • Elizabeth Young

    This piece of writing and truth are pure brilliance with amazing insight. Beautifully written Reverend!

  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Thank you so much my friend for the you smooches

  • Claire Vorster

    What a FABULOUS way to explore SheWrites.  You have a unique way of seeing things dear lady and what an encourager you are!!!  Wow, the light and peace and joy of the Lord stream from you.  Gorgeous.