A Gardener's Schedule.
Written by
Cassandra Wiseman
February 2011
Written by
Cassandra Wiseman
February 2011

Monday: wash away the aphids with kitchen soap and water. Weed.

Tuesday: send the little boys out with buckets to gather snails. Weed.

Wednesday:  spray for mildew and apply chicken manure. Weed.

Thursday: apply rose, citrus and tomato food. Weed.

Friday: spray red spider and thrip with Bordeaux. Weed.

Saturday: apply bone meal and pick off rusty leaves. Weed.

Sunday you will probably stay in bed. Anoint yourself with a homemade honey and peppermint lotion, yogurt and egg conditioner in your hair, lemon balm for insect bites and poison oak, or go to Sienna Day Spa and let the darling Sally truly pamper you.

The children want to set up a target at the bottom of the garden and throw balls at the nectarine blossoms and they want to teach the dogs to fetch in what the gophers have left of your vegetable garden and they want to pick a bouquet  made from your prized ranunculus.

“Never mind,” Says your Mother. “They'll come up here for  Spring Break.  Have them bring  their bows and arrows and they can play Robin Hood in the backyard with their grandfather. ”  She has  wicked sensibilities.  

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