My seventh day being a new member of She Writes

Thank You Lord...I've found myself at last!!!

Day seven and I can not believe the joy that I feel. No further drama since day five. I've been able to stroll through the rooms here and get to read about the members and what they are doing.

I have friends now...and I have a shopping list of She Writes books that I plan on buying very soon. I'm excited and I feel like I've had a rebirth.

I've posted two new post on my new blog inspired by She Writes. I've obtained so many ideas for books and blog post its just as if I'm on a creative writing mountain of fire.

In the process of finding myself this week I've had time to work on our website and begin to build the needed information for our blogtalk radio program.

Thanks to all of you wonderful ladies (and men) that are apart of this wonderful group. You are a very important part of my new life. A life I only saw in my dreams. Can you believe that I'm growing up during my vintage years?

What fun this is. To start a new life at the age when you've done all of your normal everyday living. There for awhile I thought that I would not last for an entire week here at She Writes but I made it.

So now I can end my little week at being new. I'm no longer the new girl on the block. I can dare be me. Oh no world here I come!!! As the name of my new blog says....I am now....Radical RevLa!!!

Don't be surprise when I come knocking on your room just got bigger door. I maybe there looking for a friend, advice, or to let you know how much I loved your latest work. Invite me in and we can have a virtual cup of coffee or tea as we get to know each other. Or come and see door is always open. Come visit me on my new blog or some of my old ones


Sit a spell, take your shoes off....Ya'll come back here!


Rev. LaWaughn Rouse 




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  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Ha,ha,ha I know Cathy that crossed my mind too....maybe The Man Upstairs needed to make sure I was complete before He unleashed me in the rooms of She Writes...I'm just so happy glad to be here and no drama