Tiny Impression With an Impact
Written by
M Kathy Brown
February 2011
Written by
M Kathy Brown
February 2011
Such a splendid idea initiated by Meg Waite Clayton (her newest book, The Four Ms. Bradwells, to be released this March) for the She Writes' bloggers to have a "blog hop" or "group ball." Why do I say that? Because visiting one another's blog sites is very much like a dance. 

Writers, coming together, lightly touching...with words...as if each were moving in time to some inaudible minuet by Mozart. Passively engaging, pausing...turning...now forward, and back...then quietly, fading...away.  

And finally, all is still, as if it never was - except, perhaps, the lasting impression left by a single comment that piques the memory of that brief yet often bittersweet interlude.

Imagine, for a moment, the impact it might have if every time I visited another's blog, I paused long enough to leave my mark in the sand - a tiny impression that I was there - a comment, or "Hi, just passing thru," or even just a :~) That single tiny impression may be all that writer needs for encouragement, motivation, inspiration, or to challenge what they know how to do best.

And for a writer, doing what we do best is...to write :~)

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