The Link
Written by
T. S. Johnson
February 2011
Written by
T. S. Johnson
February 2011

This morning I was examining my life and the world around me. With a tendency toward pessimism, I usually look at the glass as half empty. Today, however, I began to open my eyes to my surroundings unlike what I normally would do in my daily routine.  I began to look around me and notice the trees, the grass, the buildings, the people, colors.

Today was a different day. I began to awaken to the  beauty of my environment. I began to see the creator in our midst.  I began to realize the link between creator and man.  All that is around  reflects the creator as Supreme artist. Art in its highest and purest form. Our world and  humanity represents a masterpiece of our creator; and  our attempts to create reflects the divine in us. Creating art is a move toward oneness, toward God.

Artists whether mother,  mechanical engineers, painters, writers, carpenters, or musicians symbolize our evolution of spirit through mind.  Art is the vehicle we use to transiently merge with our creator.  When we create, we advance. We reach out to the Most High. 

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  • Nissi Mutale

    Love this!

  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Wonderful post. You allowed me to see the world in a different way. Thanks

    Rev. LaWaughn