Day six of being a new member of She Writes

I thought I would take this at least to seven days. Not thinking that I'm God but following in His foot steps I felt I should comment on at least the first seven days. So with that in mind I would like to talk about day six.

IT'S BEEN GREAT!!! I HAVE ARRIVED!!! I have had time to read most of the new post and comments in each one of the groups that I'm in. I learned how to get out of a group the right way. I have thanked all the groups that allowed me to join and my next step is to learn how to invite friends.

My daughter called me and said that she read somethings on She Writes and wanted to join. That's great! However I found the most exciting author on She Writes this morning She wrote a book called "Sugar" I put that book on the top of my must get real soon list.

What a differance a day makes

I'm home and enjoying all of these wonderful rooms to play in.

Day seven is coming soon the last day of the new member blogs.

I'm looking forward to a happy writing life

Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

Let's be friends

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