Good Things Come to Those Who Wait: From Blog to Book in One Year
Written by
Katherine Jenkins
February 2011
Written by
Katherine Jenkins
February 2011

I wrote this post one year ago. The waiting was excruciating, but so worth it. In 2010, I wrote 365 blog posts. Here's where I was on February 18, 2010. My book, Lessons from the Monk I Married, will be published spring 2012 by Seal Press.


It's been rainy and drizzly for a week or so, but the sun finally came out. Not a cloud in the sky today. So many projects are on all burners. I feel like everything is going full steam ahead. My husband and his partner were down at the new yoga studio tearing out old carpet and toilets in order to get the new yoga school ready for the GRAND OPENING weekend from February 26-28th. I went down to take a few pictures. When I arrived, only my husband's partner was in sight. The other two were taking a coffee break. It's a lot to get done in a week, but they have strong determination. The time is very ripe for this yoga school to make it's appearance in the world. My husband and I operated two yoga schools in South Korea. It was the first real job my husband had after he left the monastery. He was trained in yoga in the temple by his Zen master. He had official yoga training at Kaivalyadama Yoga College in India. I have tried many teachers, but there is nothing like his yoga class. My husband doesn't focus on perfect outward form, his yoga class is all about the inside. He is constantly telling his students to let go and go "in".

I also have quite a big project on the burner right now. My book is sitting with some agents in New York right now. I'm in "wait" mode. It's sort of like limbo...I feel everything is in limbo. It's all flying around in the sky waiting for a home. What to do? I feel excited, but also a bit anxious. I know meditation is key, hence the last lesson.

So, I asked the guys who were tearing up the floor and bathroom if they wanted to take a break and go down and watch the sunset. Like I said, we haven't had one in about a week. They didn't seem to want to move from their mammoth project.

So off I went, 15 minutes down the road, to Puget Sound. I turned the music up loud. Every now and then I'd get a glimpse of the snow capped Olympic Mountains through the Evergreen trees. I turned off on a winding street that took me down to the Sound. I parked right in front of the bridge that would take me down to the beach.

When I got to the beach, I walked slowly along the water. I tried to release my mind from all the projects that were going on. I felt my breath and listened to the waves on the shore.

I plopped myself down on a log and closed my eyes. I just stopped, listened, and felt my breath coming in and going out like the tide.

The sun started to set. What else was there to do but watch it. I'm in limbo, but the sun will still set and the waves will still crash on the shore and the earth will still turn and life will continue with whatever happens. When I feel overwhelmed or busy or there's too much on my mind, I know that this is what I have to do. I just have to stop.

So I waited and watched as the sun sank behind the Olympic Mountains. What else could I do?

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