Day Five as a new member of She Writes

Ok I've waited until after 5pm in hopes that if there are any more shoes to throw at me I would have received them by now. So far so good. Maybe because its Sunday and our weekly day of rest...(Well really the Sabbeth is Sat. but what can I say we Christians got it wrong...please don't throw the rocks just a little joke...see ha,ha,ha...I'm laughing). At any rate day five has been great. I was very cautious because after I thought day four was ending on an up my dear friend Ms. Negative sent me yet another email!!!

When I saw it and read it in all of its glory I wanted to just bash my head in or somebody's...anybody would do, but then I had a revelation of sorts..(really I did I know God was talking to me because I calmed down and stopped acting like a crazy lady). He said look at the time and date that this email was sent. I did just that...and to my surprise Ms. Negative wrote it the day before so she had not had the time to read day four post.

I ate a huge slice of humble pie and addressed the issues that Ms. Negative thought she had with me. I then asked her to please read my day four blog on She Writes and prayerfully that should solve her issues. I threw her a bone and let her know that I would not be in the group she was in and that she really didn't have to spend her precious writers time on me any longer.

I wished her well (really from the heart....I know I couldn't believe it either)...and closed with a blessing that I sometimes say over our members at church. (Please I had a vision of a little doll with pins coming out of her chest with my face) however I did want to bless her in my way from my heart. I wish no ill will to anyone.

Then it hit me....I've joined 11groups. These gifted ladies are expecting me to be a good, contributing, active member of each one of them. What in the world was I thinking about??? No let me tell the truth I wasn't thinking at all. I was just so happy about finding you wonderful ladies and that I was accepted I went a little nuts and just joined everything I had interest in. Some I joined so I could learn...some so I could be a support to the members already there....and then some that I thought I could add to.

So me being me.... I panic and started writing like an obsessed woman. I stayed up until maybe 2am writing and placing something on each group that I joined (I still have 3 more to write on right after this blog). My husband kept saying I thought you were going to fact why are you in bed with your lap top....(I said a quick silent prayer...and never tell me that God don't answer prayers because before I could finish praying I heard my husband snoring soundly ....thank you Jesus).

The next time he woke up again I was writing my last thank you for allowing me to be a member and could not go any further. So to end this very long post. Hooray I made it almost to the end of day five as a new member of She Writes and nothing mean has happened yet!!! (As I cautiously look over my She Writes room of her own shoulder just in case I see a doll or two with my face on it....ok no more of those jokes....preachers do like to laugh).

And Ms. Negative and I are best friends....Not (I know I just had to get one more in...ha,ha,ha)

Ok I think after five days of being new I have found my home. I may have to be locked in my room of her own for awhile as a time out for joining too many groups (smile). But I promise all the groups that I did join I will be the best little member that you ever had.

Now with that said I still have three more groups to thank for allowing me to be apart of them....but on a happy note with me getting out of Ms. Negatives group I only have to be a good member to 10......(as I slap my forehead)

Wondering now should I think about day six or just let it go???

Things that make you go hummmmmmmmm


Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

PS: I forgot with all of the maddness I started a new blog just for She Writes its a work in progress and I only have one post but its published.... 





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  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Thank you Jenne' for your encouragement and love. I'm stumbling around but soon I'll get my feet. But while I'm down I'm learning so much. Keep being the blessing you are!

    Rev. LaWaughn Rouse