Blackberries are red when they're green, in progress


     This evening I walked out to my pasture and kneeled down in a very small oasis of deep green, uncut grass to watch the sunset. I watched the clouds go from white to gold to pink to gray and wept with joy at the beauty of what has been and with sorrow for what has been wasted and lost. I saw the perfect sky blue and the perfect gold/pink clouds and stood and walked into the woods while the sunset was glorious, with a little gray. I looked back when I walked out of the woods. It was even more spectacular. But I kept walking, not wanting to see the gray end.

     This is all very romantic and sad but the reality is, I also picked up some seed ticks in the grass and have been scraping them off me since I sat down. Reality bites.

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  • Judy Douglass

    Ah, nice words, great surprise ending!