The Ramblings of a Melancholy Soul.
Written by
T. S. Johnson
February 2011
Written by
T. S. Johnson
February 2011
Many believe that writing comes from inspiration or a muse. There are other writers that create through emotion, simple raw emotion. Whatever the flavor of the day, bliss, pain, agony and even those emotions that are so jumbled and confused that you just can't name them.  There are a lot of these feelings that come with having a melancholy nature. The jumbled mixed up mess of emotions that you can't really segregate. The inner tension that suggests you want to just release and let the ego control your every whim versus the tight control the little voice inside your head whispers you must have. This constant tug of war without a release can only lead to significant stress buildup which over time only wears away at the body and eats away the mind.  Maybe this is perfection, as the only survivor would be the spirit free from the misery, trappings and restriction of the body.   Sensational creativity would surely flow from such a sovereign.  Pity. Alas, these are only the ramblings of a melancholy soul whose only release is writing.

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  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    They are true and you deserve them you are so welcome

  • T. S. Johnson

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

  • Rev. LaWaughn Rouse

    Love it in my younger days I tended to be melancholy and a loner. While I had lots of friends I just felt like I couldn't be reached. I grew up when I found God and have lived my life to the fullest. Then and now writing was my life source. You are a wonderful writer and I could feel you in your blogs.

    Rev. LaWaughn Rouse