• Julia Barry
  • Special offer for She Writers to Athena Film Festival NYC Feb. 10-13
Special offer for She Writers to Athena Film Festival NYC Feb. 10-13
Written by
Julia Barry
February 2011
Written by
Julia Barry
February 2011

From Melissa Silverstein, co-founder and producer of the upcoming Athena Film Festival:

Come to the Barnard College and the Athena Film Festival - A Celebration of Women and Leadership from February 10-13. 25 shorts, docs and features will unspool over the weekend all focused on women's leadership.

Special offer of free tickets for She Writes for Winter's Bone. Come and see the Oscar-nominated film and hear the director and co-writer Debra Granik and producer and co-writer Anne Rosellini talk about the film with film journalists and blogger Anne Thompson of Thompson on Hollywood.

Go to http://athenafilmfestival.com/ - use code athena11

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  • Jean Candlish Kelchner

    I have seen Winter's Bone and have put it on my top ten favorite movie's of 2010 list on my Blog.  In the "55 and older" community in which my husband and I now live, I formed a 'Women's Film Club'. Each month, we enjoy 'coffee and . . .' then watch and discuss a film focusing on women and women's issues.  The group is growing and an evening group has been formed for women who can't make the morning.  (If anyone would like a list of the movies we have seen over the past few years, just let me know)  In March, we are going to view "La Vie En Rose' with Marie Calliard.  I am a writer and speaker whose novels explore women becoming what they can be.  I am starting a new book which will be titles 'The Late-Bloomer Chronicle'.  I want to include lives of real women who are on the road to becoming what they can be.  If you would like to be part of my book or read more about it, just let me know.  Visit my blog for more details.

  • Rose E. Grier

    Teachers and students strongly encouraged me to write a book based on my presentations.  I resigned at the end of the 2002 school year. And began writing. 

         “Never Ever Your Fault” was granted the 2008 Sharon Komlos-D’Eusanio Award for excellence in the area of victim services training by the Florida Network of Victim Witness Services, Inc.

         I am actively pursuing publication/funding/collaboration.  I appreciate any time, thoughts or effort concerning this project. 


         I submitted my work to the Department Of Education in Tallahassee, FL. in hopes of stimulating interest and funding for program development. I met with a task force at the State’s Attorney office and showed my High School PowerPoint.  It received very positive input.  The books are Sunshine State Standard compliant for Health Education. I have also gone to the National level for appeal looking for corporate sponsors. I have received and maintained my Victim Services Practitioner Designation from the Attorney General. “Never Ever Your Fault” is copyrighted with the Library of Congress. All quotes are appropriately approved. I lend myself whole-heartedly to the youth of the world. These are hot societal issues, ripe with purpose.


    Thanks again.





  • Rose E. Grier

    o make it into a hard cardboard chunky book as well called “Today I am”.


         The book “Never Ever Your Fault” houses the Educational program. Mapped out in biography format as advised by the ever-encouraging Roger Cram, Director Of Special Projects from Hiram College in Ohio. My work was originally in 5 separate books.  Roger felt I should sew them all together into one book.  Roger donated my site, now with over 11,000 visitors. Many have communicated their thanks.


         I co-illustrated this program with our daughter. Her work from age thirteen on, adds an authentic appeal for teens and most of the art pages are actual posters. There is student participation laced throughout my program. I hired a student to make the High School PowerPoint disk cover, and another to create a poster for the program. All art is acknowledged in the Gallery.


         The history of my incest experience is in the book.  It is for those who want to read the experience and get a broader view of the healing process through incest to wellness.  It is entitled "Journal of Innocence Stolen"(graphic). It is written journal entry style as a murder mystery. It is a true account of what happened to me, slightly fictionalized.  The poetry compilation "New Light Same Sun" was written during my two years as a victim advocate.  It charts my feelings from anger to forgiveness.

         I was in the classroom full time working with the students and connected directly with their fresh new issues of the day. I asked them what they needed from me. They spoke and I listened. I was told I might have three disclosures a year.  With this program I had over thirty in my two-year term some were boys and teachers!  Being in the fields and trenches, I found and was told much of the material I was given to script from was outdated, condescending and gender biased unfairly tipping the scales against boys. Teachers and stud

  • Rose E. Grier




    396 S.W. Summerhill Glen*Lake City, FL 32024*

    (386) 758-6067 ba C (386) 365-3057

    [email protected]    



    To Whom It May Concern,

         Thirteen years ago, when my husband got sick, I redirected my lifework towards a career that will support our family. My goal is to achieve this by the time my husband is incapacitated or worse. I began work on  “It’s Never Ever Your Fault” to help children that were sexually abused and/or teach students to understand how to help themselves, their family and friends heal from the traumas of abuse, the roots of "Bullying" stem from accountability, boundary establishment and self-esteem issues. Now I am my husband’s full time caregiver and he is in his Hospice bed. In retrospect these years have served my goal. Progress has left a clear trail.

          “Never Ever Your Fault” is an advocate/teacher/counselor educational program with a middle and high school presentation on PowerPoint This is an enlightening and comprehensive program for use in Middle and High school classrooms, guidance offices, or auditoriums. This course teaches boundary establishment and esteem building with the age specific educational material. There are scripts for victim advocates and educators complete with age specific tests and exercises. This curriculum has been field tested for two years with grand success. Currently in development a pre K-5 version called “The Heart of the Matter” together with a poem “Only I can Touch Me there” that can be put to song using a set of parrot puppets which are characters seen throughout the book. Included is a book that teachers can print, cut, fold, and staple together or bind as a project. I hope to