Darkness holds the Stars in Place...(edited) (c) kelly fitzpatrick














Abalone shell mirrors the sky

I pray

upside down

when I look deep within.


My eyes open my heart

and my breath inhales sunlight,

the Spirit of love.


Light in the sky reflects in my heart

and sings a bird flying

as I exhale



While I know what I know

and don’t know what I don’t,

I wonder.

the horizon deepens and darkens



Crows fly around me

Above me,

landing on the wind,

pausing and watching,

dusk circles.


Darkness comes near


lengthens time

and enters my soul.



chases me

but cannot land

through the circle

of crow protection.


Abalone moon rises.




Joy turns somber

watching for dawn

in the long, narrow night.

The hope of the crows settles near me.



(c) kelly fitzpatrick

(c) photo - my east window, by kf

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  • Kelly Fitzpatrick Writing

    Thank you for your wonderful and encouraging  comments!

  • Shireen Umesh Suvarna

    Kelly, what a beautiful meditative poem! I love the way in which your theme, tone and picture blend so harmoniously. My favorite lines -

    Darkness comes near

    as stillness

    lengthens time

    and enters my soul.