Flash Fiction: The Wedding
Written by
Tina L. Hook
February 2011
Written by
Tina L. Hook
February 2011


The Wedding

"Have you been crying?" Clark pushed in closer.

I wiped at my cheeks to hide the evidence. "No."

The blare of the reception had dwindled down to a whisper. Just beyond the untidy line of revelers the newlyweds were positioning for a grand exit.

"So you had a good time?"

"I did." I lied. I had been sobbing in the bathroom almost the entire night.

Clark's stare went gooey and a warm hand found its way to my shoulder. His touch settled over me like cardboard. It would have been easier if I loved him.

Around us, guests tested tiny bubble wands against puckered lips. The evening air began to swirl with floating rainbows.

"Should we give it a try?" He produced a small iridescent bottle from his coat pocket, flashing an encouraging grin for my benefit.

Past the shroud of bubbles the bride was sparkling with a long white train arranged luxuriously in her wake. The groom fixed on her eyes, lifting the back of her palm for a kiss. She fluttered.

In a long puff, a stream of bubbles poured from Clark's wand. My stifled breath composed only a sputter. "Why can't I do this?" I dipped my wand in more liquid and blew carefully through the small aperture. Again nothing.

A second wave of spheres levitated from his mouth. "I think it's because you are trying too hard."

Holding the wand more determinedly I blew forcefully this time, only to conjure another spit of moisture. "Story of my life." I laughed. Inside, I felt the throb of new tears.

The happy couple promenaded forward. His cardboard hand slid around my waist.

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