Connecting to Your Roots

In this fast paced life we often forget to stand still and grounded. We might feel disconnected from our source, our world, and even those around us; our loved ones. Has this happened to you? Ask yourself. Do you enjoy being with others; family, friends? Do you feel you really belong to this world, to your environment? How do you experience you daily life? Is it easy? Are you happy or are you dragging yourself every step of the way?

We all need a sense of connection to who we are and what we do. That is what makes our life meaningful. A lack of connection to the world is sometimes a sign that we are disconnected from ourselves. The following simple activities have helped me in establishing a lasting and deep link with my true essence and the world I belong to.

1. Take a walk. Become aware of your surroundings, not just by looking but by feeling, tasting, smelling, and touching. Immerse yourself in the trail, blend with it.
2. Take some time to touch the grass. Feel that connection to the earth and be grateful for what she offers you every day.
3. Get out and buy a plant that calls your attention. Find out everything about it. Plant it. Feel the soil. Feed her and feel that connection with her. Imaging your are growing as she grows.
4. My favorite. Dance! Feel the rhythm. Go with the flow of the beats. Swirl and rise like a spiral.
5. Visit your older relatives. Connect with them and their stories. Take care of them.
6. Go to your favorite grocery store or fresh market. Live the colors and textures of your favorite fruits and vegetables. As you prepare them, see the transformation while you clean them, cut them, and arrange them in your plate. Be grateful for them.

These are simple things we have taken for granted. We are casting us away from these cost free but enriching experiences. The best things in life are indeed free. Slow down and connect more.

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