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  • Happy Chinese New Year - loving the bunny wabbits...
Happy Chinese New Year - loving the bunny wabbits...
Written by
Alice Grist
February 2011
Written by
Alice Grist
February 2011

I was going to write an informative piece about what The Year of The Rabbit means in the Chinese calender, but then I thought - 'Nah... - boring - that is what Wikipedia is for!' So if you wish the facts then please do follow this link.... CHINESE NEW YEAR


Instead I thought I would have a little think about Rabbits and what they mean to ME! Maybe you can do the same and comment below.


Rabbits have featured in my life in fits and spurts. First up was the Blue Peter Rabbits, Peter Rabbit, Easter Rabbits and other child apealing bunnies. 


The only rabbit to really enter my life was Roger rabbit. He was my brother Joe's pet and he lived in the back yard of our terrace cottage. When our kitten Icarus and Thor were little they would snuggle up in the garden with Roger. But as they got older they snubbed him in their keeness to chase mice and play in the fields behind the house. That always seemed kinda tragic. Roger had gone from having two buddies to having none. As is life. The loneliness and sadness of the human condition all encompassed that poor little bunny in my back yard. It kills me even now just to think of that. Maybe I'm over empathizing, but it is for this reason that I would never keep a lone pet rabbit again. They are sweet little things, and they don't deserve to be shut out, all alone in the cold with nothing but a bowl of food and half frozen water for company. 


As I grew older I went to Lancaster University. A place out in the countryside that was surrounded by rabbits. So much so that in the summer holidays when all the students went home the rabbits would be culled. Again a sad tale, but one that reflects the ever growing rabbit population - which is well reflected in the more adult references to rabbits, play boy bunnies and people 'being at it like rabbits.' Rabbits are a victim of our building sites, our road building and our continued trampling on their natural ground. But unlike other animals such as badgers, there is no need to make conservation plans for the bunnies, because no matter how much we encroach on their land, cull them off or knock them down in our cars, they continue to come back strong as a population year in, year out. They are little fighters - do not let their cotton wool tails fool you! 


My Dad and step mum Aileen have four rabbits living with them as indoor pets! They all live together fairly uneventfully. Though I noted on facebook that Aileen recently put what a delight they are to have, except for the trail of 'currants' they leave in their wake! 


Whenever I see a rabbit these days, which is rare as I am situated close to a city, I get ever so excited. Rabbits seem to represent the joy and sadness of life to me. They have brief lives, they snuffle around with their little twitching noses, they breed super quick and they are of course often startled by headlights. Like all animals they have a true innocence, but more so than a cat, or crow or playful puppy. They stick to their own, they bother nothing but the grass and the farmer's carrots. They eat, they make love, they eat, make love again, have lots of babies and if they are lucky they live till old age or until mix-amitosis carries them off! 


Bless the little bunnies that surround us in the warrens behind our homes. Bless the little life lessons they might bring us in their brief interactions in our lives. Bless their twitching nose and their fluffy bunny tails. 


Happy Chinese New Year of the Rabbit everyone! 


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