The Blur Of Winter
Written by
Hallie Sawyer
February 2011
Written by
Hallie Sawyer
February 2011

The days are starting to blend together.



A blizzard is here.

No sense of day or night.

School cancelled today.


Card games and Wii. Weeee!

Grocery store.

Kids: Pizza and Doritos?

Me: Sure, why not.


Another school day cancelled.

Kids ransacking the house.

Nerves are fraying.

I'll shovel.

No really, I NEED to shovel.


Crap. Husband beat me to it.

Loves this stuff.

Thank God, the gym is still open.

Look at the fuzz bucket.

He loves it, too.

White snow is tasty.

Too much white snow makes yellow snow.

I have a new camera.

Can you tell?

I think I'll clean the pantry.

May even scrub toilets.

I'm desperate.


Look at my eyes.


Oh, wait. I have books to read. And a book to write.

Back to normal.


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