Eat up, you're at your Auntie's
Written by
Lesley-Anne Evans
February 2011
Written by
Lesley-Anne Evans
February 2011
Eat up, you’re at your Auntie’s

Castor beans are harmless enough companions, alongside
Foxgloves blooming in the garden in Spring. But,
Each hides a secret
Each packs a punch.
Like when you don’t pay attention to habits and
addiction comes to call,
or when the water in the beaker boils
the frog.
Sit up, hush now, and listen.

Arsenic is more sinister, and if used in appropriate quantity,
remains completely undetected after completing it’s homework.

What graces our dinner table, when choices don’t happen organically?
No such thing as legislating longevity. Nope.
Don’t call it poisoned,
Say Cancer,
Say Dementia,
Say Crohn’s.

You’re on your own, Sunshine, up to you
to read boxes and bags for signs of blessing, sacraments
that won’t bite back.
Salt of the earth may worship lesser known gods
not clearly noted, and
whole foods might not be wholesome.

Try not to be confused.
Try not to be exhausted.
Try not to be obsessed.

Do not call what the Lord God has deemed Green, un-Green, and
wash your veggies well, just not with tap water.

You are what you eat, absorb, excrete
You are a temple,
and the sheaves of wheat
will bow down.

Lesley-Anne Evans
January 2011

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