Book Review-The Preacher's Bride by Jody Hedlund
Written by
Hallie Sawyer
January 2011
Written by
Hallie Sawyer
January 2011

Publisher: Bethany House; Oct. 1, 2010, 379 pages

Elizabeth glanced at the cradle. How could she go back outside and pray with the infant's wails echoing through her head? She had failed to focus before. Over and over she had asked the Lord to provide someone to help the babe. Finally, she'd decided the Lord would have her be that someone.

This inspirational and historical romance set in 17th century England gripped me from the beginning. The story dove into conflict right away and I found myself cheering for the main character from page one. Elizabeth Whitbread is a heart-warming character that loves deeply but is also a bit outspoken, unusual for a woman of this time period. She uses her power of persuasion for the best intentions but paired with her stubborness, Elizabeth finds herself struggling to hold onto what she cherishes the most.

Hired as a housekeeper for a recently widowed father of four, she also takes over as caretaker to his children. Brother Costin is a tinker by trade but has found his calling in preaching and travels extensively throughout the countryside with his teachings. The political atmosphere between the Puritans and the Royalists adds another layer of tension to the story, putting the Costin family, and Elizabeth, in danger. Her life hangs in the balance as she is forced to choose between the easy path, the one that was laid out for her, or to follow the path her heart tugs at, the one that could give her unbounding love yet risk all that she holds dear.

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