You'll Never Make It
Why bother?

It can’t be done.

Bad idea.

We’ve all heard it at one time or another – that not-so-little voice in our heads that gently whispers, “YOU SUCK.” For the purposes of this post, it shall be called “George.” (My apologies to all the Georges who are reading this. Nothing personal. It’s just a whole lot easier to type than “that not-so-little-voice-in-our-heads.”)

Poor George. Every self-help book out there tells us to ignore him. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just doing his job. In fact, I’m seriously thinking about including him in the Acknowledgements section of BEFORE EVER AFTER. Without George’s help, there’d probably be no novel – or for that matter, anything else in this world that people have bothered to dream up and create.

The airplane, Frappuccinos, Spanx…I’m pretty sure that none of them came into being without at least a shade of doubt crossing the minds of their creators.

Umm…Oliver, don’t we want to test this baby out on a cat first?

Frozen coffee…seriously?

But the girdle’s already been invented.

I’m guessing though that we are sipping our tall decaf caramel frappuccinos with no whip cream today, not in spite of doubt, but because of it.

Doubt is often pictured as a wall we're staring at. But what if that wall wasn't in front of us? What if it was behind us - a brick border defining everything we’ve seen, heard, and done so far? And what if it was put there so that we would have something to push against to drive ourselves further into that moment where our insides twists, our hearts race, and we wonder what the hell we were thinking and why we didn’t we think of doing it sooner? Would we think better of George then?

So George, this is for you my old friend. Whisper loudly and often.

Let's be friends

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  • Samantha Sotto Yambao

    Elizabeth - Good ol' Georgie. What would we do without him? :)

  • Elizabeth Towns

    Ha! Georgie....talks too much and too often. Yet, you are right - Georgie challenge me to say, why not? if not me then who (whom?) <---see there he goes again. And, yes, Georgie gives me hurdles to jump over and walls to climb...because I have to prove to myself that I AM. Absolutely!

  • Samantha Sotto Yambao

    Elle - Exactly! And what are writers if not determined (and slightly crazy ;-)) ?

  • Elle Pedersen

    Hehe - true Sam :=)  I've always believed that it's not what happens to us in life but how we deal with it that matters .. I have seen so many people overcome adversity through self-belief and determination =)))

  • Samantha Sotto Yambao

    Cathy - Thanks! George says hi ;-)

    Elle -Sorry about your day, but hey, without days like that what stories would we tell, right? :)


  • Elle Pedersen

    I'm a little spaced-out at the moment Sam .. I've had one of those days where everything and anything went awry - then I had to make a mad dash for the front gate - my doctors's wife had come to pick-up a parrot and my dogs were hunting her ό,ὸ anyway yesterday's gone and tomorrow is another day eh? .. let's live for today no matter how much we suck ٩(•̮̮̃-̃)۶ A down-to-earth and comical account of what we all fear the most - failure - very good Sam