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  • Voices of the Heart by Linda Lambert Pestana
Voices of the Heart by Linda Lambert Pestana
Written by
Becky Hirst
January 2011
Written by
Becky Hirst
January 2011
Just finished reading a fabulous book titled, "Voices of the Heart" by Lambert Pestana.  Loved it so much I thought I would share the review with everyone!

What Is Your Heart's Inner Voice Telling You?
By Lauren S. Smith

Grief facilitator and spiritual coach, Linda Lambert Pestana, has added a new book to her repertoire. Voices of the Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope & Love, promises to make readers laugh and cry as they savor stories of the incredible journey she's taken through life thus far. A huge sense of personal empowerment is sure to occur after reading the book and you'll better understand that the choices you make in a lifetime can either be healing or hurtful.

Linda found her own way in life by answering three insightful questions - Who am I? Where am I going? and What do I want out of life? Each experience in life brings us closer to finding the answers to those questions. Linda writes about her experiences with life and death, faith and hope, love and doubt and grief and insecurity - everything that each of us must deal with.

When Pestana is in her teaching mode, she's at her best, and even though Voices of the Heart is a story of her own journey, Linda makes it both personal and universal. Linda encourages us to remember that the life we're living isn't a dress rehearsal and we only have this one time around.

As you take that journey, you'll find out much about yourself and what you must do to live life to the fullest. Fear to make choices about your life, regrets about the choices you've made and a marked lack of self-esteem are sure signs that you're not listening to the voices of your inner heart. When you finally learn to set yourself free - really free - only then can you listen to your inner heart voice.

A quote from Voices of the Heart reads, "Go where it hurts. Step into the broken places of pain, fear and confusion." Linda Lambert Pestana did this when she revisited her childhood - in fact, from the time she was born. She reveals that she was born the fifth child in a family who didn't want her and later, although she felt loved - she never felt lovable.

One of the lessons contained in Voices of the Heart is that what you dwell on is what you become. You can choose to dwell on the bad choices you've made or the bad things that have come your way or you can learn from this earth school and choose to move forward in light. Whatever has happened to you in the past can be overcome by simply viewing yourself differently.

Pestana compares writing of her journey in Voices of the Heart to walking naked across the pages. Baring old wounds and revisiting unwanted emotions and happenings was difficult, but healing occurs by becoming introspective and listening to that voice coming from your heart. If you can accomplish that, you too can be healed and live life with more vitality and spirit than you ever thought possible.

Voices of the Heart: A Journey of Faith, Hope & Love, by Linda Lambert Pestana will spur you on to taking your own journey down memory lane and listen to your own voices telling you how to live your best life.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. For more information, visit: http://VirtualBookReviewNetwork.com. This review covers Voices of the Heart, by Linda Lambert Pestana.

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