Completely Terrified
Written by
Michelle Oeltjen
January 2011
Written by
Michelle Oeltjen
January 2011

That is what I am today.

My FIRST EVER WRITER'S CONFERENCE is looming before me in three days. I signed up for this back in November so I have had plenty of time to prepare. I have been working on my book for nearly seven years yet all of a sudden? I feel like a five year old accidently being sent to high school. I don't belong here. I am ill-prepared. I have no business being here among these professionals.

The pitch session. With 50 agents. Just the thought of it sends me into a tailspin. Ok, hold it together Michelle. After all, this is YOUR book. YOUR story. Who knows it better than you? Just play it out in your head little by little each day and you will perfect it. Except that when I try to press the 'play' button in my mind, it fails to work. In fact, it goes into hysteria mode and without a clue of how to stop it, I decide to lay down and sleep it out. Maybe that will clear my head. Yes. Then I will get up, work some more on my pitch and prepare for my FIRST EVER WRITER'S CONFERENCE.

That was November. This is January. I thought only bears hibernated in the winter? Apparently, I do too.

What are the odds there will be an agent there looking for an author who has the deer-in-the-headlights-look down pat?

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  • Ann Rodela

    Good luck!  I am so happy for you!  :D

  • Michelle Oeltjen

    Hallie and Ann - WOW! Thank you for the words of encouragement and inspiration. I will definitely blog about the experience. I have been waiting for this for so long - I just want it to be here already. I'm kind of like a kid going to Disney World for the first time!

  • Hallie Sawyer

    What an opportunity! You are going to meet wonderful people and remember a lot of them are in the same position you are. Just be yourself! You will do great! 


    Good luck! I am hoping to hit one this spring/summer! Make sure you post all the details of what you thought. Would love to hear.

  • Ann Rodela

    Wow!  I envy you!  Imagine yourself on the day.  You are calm, beautiful and the agents instantly become enchanted with the sound of your voice.  You own the moment.  You deliver your pitch with a soothing voice.  The agents smile because you are confident.  Job well done.  :)