Why Do I Write and What's My Process--Juliet Wilson
Written by
Anjuelle Floyd
January 2011
Written by
Anjuelle Floyd
January 2011

As a child I loved writing compositions at school and even poems. When it came to choosing my academic future though I chose sciences, knowing that I could write poetry while studying sciences, whereas if I studied literature I would never have kept up my interest in science. 


I lived in Malawi, in southern Africa for two years, teaching sciences, which was a wonderfully inspiring experience. When droughts hit Malawi in 2002, I put together and self published Bougainvillea Dancing a chapbook of poetry mostly inspired by my time in the country, which raised money for charities working in Malawi.


When blogs started to be popular I thought it would be a great way to develop an audience for my work. I wanted it to be more than that though so I combined three of my passions to create Crafty Green Poet (http://craftygreenpoet.blogspot.com) which has been going for five years now. I blog most days which really helps me to be disciplined about my writing.


I also edit Bolts of Silk (http://boltsofsilk.blogspot.com) an online poetry journal. Editing has made me much more analytical about poetry and has helped me to think more deeply about my own writing. As has reviewing. I review quite a lot of books (and sometimes other things!) on Crafty Green Poet and have had an unpaid contract with a review website (now sadly defunct).


I have also developed my online presence elsewhere. I find Twitter the most useful in terms of offering me networking opportunities and the ability to share work and ideas.


In the real world I like to get on stage. Well to be honest I've always struggled with stage fright, but there's nothing like the feeling after a successful reading in front of an appreciative audience. Reading poetry in front of an audience is a really good way of honing work too, I become much more aware of the weaknesses in my poems.


I'm never short of ideas for poetry. I'm constantly inspired by nature and have a box where I store ideas, quotes and half written poems. So if I'm struggling with ideas I have a handy source of inspiration.


I write mostly free verse and haiku. I think though that its really useful to learn about form and how to use rhyme and other poetic devices. So I've written a villanelle, a sestina, triolets and terza rima. This has helped me to internalise the rhythms and sounds of poetry, though I am not a formal poet by any means!


I'm an environmentalist, but I would never want to use my poetry as a soapbox to try to change people's attitudes. A political rant disguised as a poem is still a political rant. I think that the more subtle approach can be more effective in helping people to think differently and if my poetry does that then I'm more than happy.


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