Written by
Juliet Wilson
January 2011
Written by
Juliet Wilson
January 2011

I've been working on an EP of my poetry recorded with music from Belvedere Mountain Express, an Edinburgh based musical project who use electronica and accordion (you can see their Myspace page at: or find them on Facebook at!/BelvedereMountainExpress). The EP will be available soon, but meanwhile I wanted to blog about collaborations.


I've also worked with a film-maker, Alastair Cook (you can see his film of my poem Adrift on Vimeo at: I've also been involved in the film amd poetry collaboration thiscollection where film makers and poets in Edinburgh have worked on a multi-media collage of impressions of the city. (My poem, about Gorgie City Farm, hasn't yet been made into a film, so if you know any film-makers in Edinburgh, let me know!)


I love the process of collaboration because it brings a different dimension to my poetry. Each poem feels like a different piece of work when combined with music or visuals. At the same time the addition of these elements can lead to a new version of the poem, whether this might replace the original version or just have its own life within the collaboration depends on the poem. 


These collaborations have been done in different ways. The Belvedere Mountain Express collaboration consists of some existing poems that were matched with existing music and other existing poems accompanied by music  composed in response to the poems. Alastair Cook made the film of Adrift after he had bought a copy of my chapbook and decided he liked the poem so much he wanted to make a film! It would be interesting to start right from the beginning to create a collaboration with nothing pre-existing and see what would happen!


I'd be interested to hear your experiences of collaboration, so please feel free to share in the comments section!  What collaborative projects have you worked on and who do you work with?


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