Mud Puddle Day
Written by
Liza Rosenberg
January 2011
Written by
Liza Rosenberg
January 2011

“Let’s go for a walk,” I said to the boy
He replied with a scowl; turned back to his toys
“And what if I promise you fun on the way?”
“What if I told you it’s mud puddle day?”

Curiosity piqued, he followed me out
Still mumbling and grumbling, his face in a pout
No patience for walks and wanting to play
We wandered in silence; he had nothing to say

We walked past the houses of neighbors and friends
We traipsed past the spot where the neighborhood ends
We ran through the fields and then past the wood
And that’s when our walk began to get good

For just past the oak tree we suddenly found
Mud puddles galore – our joy knew no bounds
The boy turned to me – a sly look on his face
Then turned away and picked up his pace

I knew what was coming, but I didn’t care
For I was the one who had taken him there
As mud puddle day was simply a ploy
I desperately needed some time with my boy

To celebrate life and all that is good
We splished and we splashed – just ’cause we could
Who knew you could chase bits of sadness away
By jumping through puddles on mud puddle day

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