How to Write a Book--or Not.
Written by
Clark Lohr
January 2011
Written by
Clark Lohr
January 2011

Literary fiction author Richard Bausch states his case against writer's manuals in the Atlantic Monthly's 2010 Fiction Supplement, his main point being that it takes years of reading and lots of scribbling ourselves into corners before most of us can come up with a decent novel of any kind.  He did an Amazon search, coming up with 4,470 titles under the heading of How to Write a Book. He suggests that we read, not How To's, but literature. I'm working on it but Netflicks is always lying in wait. Check out Bausch's article. It's available online. He gives an example of incredibly bad writing--the kind of bad writing that only those who haven't read and can't hear language are capable of producing. 

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