• Deborah Siegel
  • It's Member Appreciation Wednesday! Shout Out a She Writer TODAY
It's Member Appreciation Wednesday! Shout Out a She Writer TODAY
Written by
Deborah Siegel
January 2011
Written by
Deborah Siegel
January 2011
“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.” - Sarah Caldwell  

Join us in sharing gratitude as the new year begins.  Shout out a She Writer who helped you in 2010 in one of three ways:

1. Using the status update feature on your profile page here at She Writes

2. In a tweet, using the tag #swinspires

3. In comments on this post


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  • suzi banks baum

    I am so grateful for the women on MotherWriters here and all those who upride with such love and care. I really appreciate all of you who have stopped in to my blog.

    Singly, I appreciate Dr. Lissa Rankin for her posts here on SheWrites and the inspiration she gave me to write on my blog.


    Thank you Lissa, Chandra, Jennifer, Kari and all the rest!

    Love, Suzi

  • Linda Cohen

    Hi Deborah,


    What a timely reminder. I often think about thanking writers for their books and certainly do it a bunch. Your post is timely however, because yesterday I finished reading Laura Munson's new memoir, This is not the story you think it is, which was awesome and I totally wanted to tell her. So I found her website and wrote her a note. By the looks of her blog it looks like many others have taken the time to do the same. Thanks for the reminder to send good karma out to other fellow writers!

  • Maria Clara Paulino

    Thank you to this whole community and to Cathy Kozak, who gets us involved in inspiring projects (The Pillow Book, for instance) and blogs, and often tells me to "keep writing." Thank you, Cathy.

  • Elizabeth Hilts

    Thanks to Deirdre Sinnot for her encouragement (and good writing).

  • leonora grace siodora

     Hi, fellow women-writers!

     Thanks for the warm welcome!  I look forward to learning from you all as I hone my writing skills and strenghten

     my writer's ego...

  • Erica Lyons

    Tracy Slater for introducing me to She Writes and sharing her beautiful piece with Asian Jewish LIfe (hope to see more of her work in AJL in the future)

  • Hollye Dexter

    AMY FERRIS! Cheerleader extraordinaire....brilliant, kind, insightful. I met her in the Memoir writer's chat group, and now she is one of my very closest friends. She has taken me under her wing, read my entire manuscript, given me feedback, direction, and encouragement. And I'm so proud of her because her latest book "Marrying George Clooney" is being made into a one-woman show by Cap 21 theatre in New York!


    Instant good karma!