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INSPIRATION HQ: True Blood's Tanya Wright Asks, "What inspires you to...change? As in REALLY change?" (Prompt 9 #swinspires)
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Inspiration HQ
December 2010
Written by
Inspiration HQ
December 2010

Author: Tanya WrightButterfly Rising

Prompt: What inspires you to...change

Photo: Tanya with her dog, Macarena, who plays "Baby Girl" in her movie


I am an obsessive finisher--when I start something, I must complete it. Now, I didn't say finishing was easy, quick or painless (sometimes it's three, LOL!) but I always start a task or project with the end clearly in sight. What keeps me on the track to healthy eating when honeybuns the world over are calling my name? The image of a taut, svelte Halle Berry-type body. What inspires me to pay myself first and put money in an account I don't have immediate access to? A micro-sized Warren Buffett (Tanya style!) where "financial freedom" is my middle name. STARTING WITH THE END IN SIGHT INSPIRES ME TO...CHANGE. 



Alas, this hasn't always worked well in relationships with the opposite sex (ha!), but it works like a charm with personal goals and things I'd like to achieve. It's no wonder that the image for my debut novel--Butterfly Rising--is the butterfly: the butterfly is the universal symbol for change and it has four stages: egg, caterpillar, cocoon and--finally--the butterfly. Goes to show you that something beautiful doesn't just "appear" overnight; rather, it has certain periods--gestations--of growth, each integral to the end result.


Watch the trailer for Butterfly Rising, the movie

Change is hard. It's not easy to break old habits and create new ones, and it takes time, constant effort, dedication and focus. I have a personal goal I'm looking to reach, and I've sworn off pastries (there's that honeybun again!) until I've reached it. Every time I see a pastry (did I say honeybuns were my weakness?) I breath deeply and reach for the apple. Not only do I stay in line with my goal and get one step closer to it, but, by grabbing the apple, I FEEL BETTER. I notice my mood and energy are terrific when I am eating well. Almost always there is somebody (or many people) encouraging me to eat the honeybun. "You deserve it," they say. "Live a little," or "it's the holiday!" I know these folks are well-intentioned, but they have no idea how important it is for me to stick to my new habit and keep my end goal in sight. Sometimes I'll explain it to them. Sometimes they get it and, I have to admit, other times they don't and I end up promising myself that next time, it's best to keep my goals to myself. Perhaps that isn't a bad idea: sometimes keeping things secret has more power.


Put your end at the beginning. The resultant picture inspires me to keep going even when I don't feel like it, and especially when I want to go for the honeybun.


What about you? What inspires you to make the big change? What strategies help you stay on task, and what strategies help you fail?  


Tanya Wright recurs in the role of "Kenya" on the popular HBO series, True Blood. A native of the Bronx, NY, she attended George School in Pennsylvania and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Vassar College before working at the New York Times. After participating in the prestigious Williamstown Theatre Festival, she relocated to LA to pursue an acting career, quickly gaining momentum on the small screen with roles on critically acclaimed television shows like 24, NYPD BLUE, and ER. While in front of the camera, Tanya continued to write. She was a semi-finalist in AMPAS' Nicholl Screenwriting Competition and a fellow at the Mark Taper Blacksmyth's Playwriting Lab. Tanya is also the writer/creator of several screenplays, television shows, and web-based series. Butterfly Rising, the film of her screenplay, marks her directorial debut. She enjoys dance, yoga, mentoring, and playing fetch with her black Labrador, Macarena (like the dance!), who plays "Baby Girl" in the movie.



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  • Taneisa Grier

    I think the impetus to change varies based on where I am in life. Whether change is induced because of a positive experience or negative one for that matter I’ve learned that it usually occurs at the intersection of my life when I realize there's a need, lack, want etc... My inner spirit is my ally and compass it allows me to be honest with myself without any facade. So if I listen closely it will speak to me what it needs. Change can be very big or small but the key is allowing yourself to hear what you need and the changes needed to provide such.

  • KBell

    What inspires me to change ? Loving myself first for once in my life.For most of my life I didnt love myself.Although I portray a loving person on the outside and if your on the outside looking in.No one knew my life was fallen apart.My children help me stay on task by giving me that extra push.Chaos around me causes me to fail and get of balance.Reevaluating the circle of people and paying more attention to the mistake I make ,staying clear of the merry go round.Get off and never get back on.

  • Sally Diane Franz

    What inspires me to change is the dadgum mirror. If it's weight or attitude or hair that has taken on a mind of its' own...there it is inplain site 1 foot above the bathroom sink. It's easy (OK easiER) to lose weight, lighten up and or change the hair presentation when I have to face myself several times a day. I could brush my teeth less often, but then Oooo that lecture from the dentists about flossing and brusing. Maybe I should sit Shiva and cover the mirrors for a month. Less resolve, but less irritable self-control issues. LOL

  • Michelle Wonsley

    I love this question, and I loved the trailer to your film - congrats.  What inspires me to change is the feeling that I am being inauthentic.  I think often times we find ourselves in ruts because we've just settled into our lives and it takes something like death to jolt us out of our sleepwalking state.  When my mother died in March, it was as if the world went from black and white to technicolor and said to me, "Michelle, you're not in Kansas anymore.  What will you do with your whole big life?"  Thanks to my mother's constant support and encouragement, I've finally decided to pursue writing as a career and will apply to MFA programs in the world.  it took her passing for me to realize that things do not just continue as they are forever, and to rest on that belief can lead to complacency and living an inauthentic life.

  • Marcy Gray Rubin

    I've learned that, in order to make changes whether small (chopping off all my hair) or significant, (becoming a therapist in my 50's)  I must give myself permission to fail.  To utterly and completely blow out, go under and fall flat. To not do so means I would be operating from a safe place, from that of routine and shoulds and what do others think?  Change is on the opposite end of the spectrum -- comprised of what the hells and why nots and who cares?  I know it's time to make changes when I feel unchallenged, or more of the same isn't working.   Other times, it's intution which signals my sleepy brain that it's time to wake up and re-energize.  And at the moment this occurs I lower the volume on my critical voice and turn the up the dial of self-kindness.  I embrace my faltering and my progress as I move from stasis to change, applauding my courage and willingness to take the risk.

  • Judith Pepper

    Pain inspires me to change!  Once the unknown looks better than the known, once I am surrendered on my belly with no place left to go but Up, then I begin the process of change.  I have found the intensity of my pain is matched only by the intensity of my joy.  The change process is three prong for me - surrender, acceptance and action.  Action requires courage and a desire to let go of the old ideas, allowing for the Universe to take swift action.  Often times, after the surrender, rebellion dogs my every step.  But when I pause, ask Goddess for the next right thought or action, I begin to take the steps to change.  Sometimes Change comes quickly, sometimes slowly, it always materializes if I work for it. 


    Currently, I am in the middle of transitional change that has literally bounced me around like a trampoline - landing on my feet, my knees, my head, even my cute ass!  But I continue to bounce and enjoy the ride.


    Strategies that keep me on task - positive results from the actions I am taking. 

    Strategies that help me fail - inaction.