My Writing Inspiration? Riffing on Men
Written by
Rachel Thompson
December 2010
Written by
Rachel Thompson
December 2010

On my blog I've written about twenty blog posts with the Mancode tag which are without question my most popular. What is my inspiration?

Well, I've been married for over eighteen years to a good guy. But come on, he's a guy. He can't find the butter in the frig when it's right in front of him. He can change executive's minds but not a roll of toilet paper. And while he loves me, he can't understand why on earth I need more black shoes (not that I can either, but I say it with authority).


So of course write about all of that.


Add two kids to the mix and hey, I'm just happy I have a cupboard full of vodka and coffee.


A year's full of Mancode, Chickspeak, parenting and some serious posts later, I'm working on a "Best of RachelintheOC" ebook that will be out in a few weeks. The response to my blog and tweets has been terrific.

Sure, I have my critics--mostly seemingly perfect single men who think I belittle men. Which amuses me to no end. It's humor, guys. I discuss my 200 tubes of nude lip gloss as often as I discuss my man's Refrigeratoritis.


Not a one of us is perfect. That's what makes us funny.


Thank god most of us can laugh about it.


(Oh and all those guys who send me nasty comments? Just adds to my neverending research loop. Thanks guys.)

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