Throw me Thursday: Miscellaneous
Written by
E Victoria Flynn
December 2010
Written by
E Victoria Flynn
December 2010

The holidays are eating me up. The writing updraft of November has stilled into a deep, frozen hold and I feel I’ve nothing to say save for a few spare memories shaved off the sides. The following post is a combination of Throw me Thursday suggestions: Andy Grenia suggested The Velvet Underground, @MandeeSears said, “Missed opportunities”, and my husband said, “Porkchops” that for some reason ended up here. It doesn’t make sense, but it rarely does and I am just tired. Hear, hear for effort!


Bill used to want to pet my face. That’s what he called standing behind me and running his grubbed-up, giant-man hands down over my face and laughing. Real sophisticated-like. More...

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