10 Reasons Writers Can Be Thankful
Written by
Randy Susan Meyers
November 2010
Written by
Randy Susan Meyers
November 2010
Libraries: Librarians recommend our books, buy our books, shelve our books, and provide forums for us to discuss our books. Now we can support the libraries by joining Authors for Libraries, a program of the Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends, and Foundation. Social Media for Readers: The explosion of sites where readers can gather, share information, reviews, thoughts and recommendations is tremendous. Even when we wince at reviews, we should cheer at the sheer number of people out there talking books—like Goodreads, Shelfari, Library Thing and so much more. Jefferson County Library in Colorado has a great list of links for readers . . . which leads to another reason to be thankful: Online Bookstores: Whether you love or hate Amazon, IndieBound, Powells, B&N, Borders and other online bookstores, those who live in remote places can now access every book at any moment. And that is good. Facebook and Twitter: Scoff all you like, nonusers; I can’t believe the number of writers and readers to whom I now feel close kinship. I truly feel asthough I have a worldwide web of friends. SheWrites: It’s a safe haven in the huge Internet. Best sellers help newbies, newbies help each other, and it’s the place where you can uncover the hidden secrets of launching a book (like what you buy as a present for your editor.) Agents: Listening to writers moan about having to do so much of their own promotion in this social media crazy world, I imagine this scenario—what if I had to also go out there and sell, bargain, contract, etc. Sure, I know self-publishing is one option, but for those of us who stay in the mainstream, knowing you have someone who has your back is gold. Editors: Face it, these men and women are laboring over your love. I know my book is a stronger read because of my editor. Don’t we all need a pair of cold, cold eyes? Don’t even get me started on the importance of those patient copy-editors, without whom my characters would never know how old they are. Publicists: Writers like to work alone wearing sweatpants. Or pajamas. We like to shower at around 4 PM. We should be very grateful for having people willing to force us out there, making us put on grown-up clothes, so we can sell our books. Bloggers: Who else could get a debut novelist (without a penny for publicity) in front of readers? Who else would spend their time creating word of mouth for an unknown book? It means the world. Readers, Halleluiah, Readers: It’s a fast world with a billion media choices. If not for those who still revel in the stillness of a book, our words would fall in darkness. As a writer, I am eternally grateful to be read. As a reader, I am eternally grateful to the writers for providing me with the endless stream of books that are my lifeblood.

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  • Carolyn Vines

    thanks for the inspiring post. 

  • Sandra Bush

    Thanks for these 10 important points.  Really needed this today!

  • Glen Finland

    How thoughtful you are. What a refreshing perspective. Bravo!

  • Joanne R. Alloway

    I absolutely love your post! There is much truth in it! The library has been the first source of reading and research treasure/pleasure for generations. Today, maybe not so much, as we have electronic services, even as youngsters. So whether we love these social and online media outlets or not, they are here to stay! Being thankful for them is just a good way of viewing our modern world!
    Joanne Alloway

  • Padmavani Karkera

    Libraries.. yes! My childhood is about libraries... the public libraries and the college libraries. But sadly, I haven't been doing libraries for a decade now. When I started earning 'my own money' I went through a phase of purchasing books, signing the first page with the date of purchase. Some of the books are still waiting for me to discover them, ignored because I am busy trying to make a living. And now I plan to start using my old library cards again :) soon... Loved your post!

  • Hallie Sawyer

    Great post! I loved the library growing up and I know it is what fostered my love for reading. The rest of your list is spot on!

  • RYCJ Revising

    Yes, yes, what a tremendously upbeat post. I like this type of insight, and like Randy says, "without libraries I don't think I would have had a childhood."

  • Randy Susan Meyers

    Thanks for the kindness. And Deborah--without libraries I don't think I would have had a childhood.

  • Deborah Batterman

    I love that you begin with libraries/librarians and end with readers. Not that I don't have enormous appreciation for everything sandwiched in-between.

  • Terry Lynn Johnson

    Absolutely LOVE this post, Susan. Great job!

  • Thank you very much for the positive spin in an industry rife with the shadow of gloom and doom.