Great award for professional journalists under 35
Written by
Barbara Fischkin
November 2010
Written by
Barbara Fischkin
November 2010
Here's some news about three great awards ($10,000 each) for professional working journalists under 35. The Livingston Awards. I won this many moons ago for International Reporting and I still feel honored! Perhaps more important: I asked my editor if he could submit my work. It never hurts to ask. In those days you had to ask. I see that jouranalists who qualify now can simply submit their own work. So let's revise that. It never hurts to apply! Details and a link follow Call for entries of work published in 2010 Three $10,000 prizes for local, national and international reporting Livingston national judges Christiane Amanpour, Ken Auletta, Dean Baquet, Charles Gibson, Ellen Goodman, John F. Harris, Clarence Page and Anna Quindlen invite your entry. For work published in 2010 Deadline: February 1, 2011 For information on entry procedures and to download entry forms, please visit our website: The Livingston Awards for excellence by professionals under the age of 35 are the largest all-media, general reporting prizes in American journalism. They are also unusual in judging print, broadcast and online entries against one another, a practice of increasing interest as technology blurs traditional distinctions between rival branches of the profession. The prizes are sponsored by the Mollie Parnis Livingston Foundation, chaired by Neal Hochman, Miss Parnis' nephew and successor. She established the program in 1980 to honor her son, Robert, who published the journalism review More. Ten thousand dollar prizes for local, national, and international reporting are conferred in person by the judging panel at a New York luncheon attended by leading media figures and the winners' families and colleagues. Entry rules: · Three $10,000 awards will be presented by The Mollie Parnis Livingston Foundation for the best examples of print, online or broadcast journalism in three categories: local, national and international affairs. Entries must be directly related to current events or include new information about old events. Features and commentary are eligible. The Livingston Awards do not include still photography. · Journalists may apply who are 34 years old or younger as of December 31, 2010, and whose work appears in United States-controlled print or broadcast media. · Submissions must consist of materials prepared in the ordinary course of the journalist's professional production. One entry per individual is accepted. Individuals may apply on their own, or be entered by their organization. Multiple by-lines are eligible, but all must meet the age criteria. Materials prepared by journalists specifically for submission to The Livingston Awards will not qualify and may not be considered. Student media are not eligible. · All entries will be judged on the basis of either a single piece or, in the case of a series, a maximum of three related pieces; each sidebar counts as one piece. Inquiries and applications can be sent to: Charles R. Eisendrath, Director The Livingston Awards Wallace House University of Michigan 620 Oxford Road Ann Arbor, MI 48104 [email protected] Telephone: (734) 998-7575 FAX (734) 998-7979 =

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