Getting Your Book In A Book Store!
Hello everyone! I just found out some wonderful news today from Barnes and Noble. They informed me that they have accepted my book proposal and will be buying 100 copies for their store! This is a really big deal because I am self-published and B&N is selective about what book they carry. 

I have been telling EVERYONE about this because of how excited I am. Lots of people have been asking how I did it. Well here is the blog post that is going to explain that in as much detail as I can manage!

 First, I made a phone call to Barnes and Noble and was informed that I would need to speak with the CRM of that store. I realized that going to the store and meeting with the CRM might be difficult because I don’t know her work schedule. So I asked for her email address. I sent her an email and told her I wanted to do a book signing in the store.

(from what I know, to do a book signing in a book store, that store must carry your book) 

So the CRM informed me that my book was not returnable and that it must be returnable to be accepted by Barnes and Noble. So I went to my publisher (Eloquent Books) and informed them I wanted to make my book returnable. And so we did this. Also, because I self-published my book through Eloquent Books (Strategic) I found out that the distributor they used was Ingram. That also helped me out. I know that there is a way to get your book distributed by them if it isn’t already. But I am not positive on the procedure.

 Next, Wendy (CRM) told me to go to and scroll down to the bottom under B&N Services and click on Authors and Publishers Guidelines. Here you should click on Becoming a Vendor. This is their guidelines: 

Retail Store Placement
 If you would like your title to be considered for placement in Barnes & Noble stores, please submit a copy of the book (no manuscripts, please), along with marketing and promotion plans, trade reviews, and a note describing what makes the book unique, to:

 The Small Press Department 
Barnes & Noble, Inc. 
122 Fifth Ave
New York, NY 10011 

Next on my list was making the proposal, which would include the promotion plans, trade reviews, and description on what makes my book unique. Now, they wanted industry reviews. I didn’t really have that. What I had was reviews by Bitten By Books,, and blog hosts. But I printed out copies of the ones from them (the top three from the bigger websites like BBB) and sent that to them along with my proposal.

As for the Marking Proposal. I sent them this: Promotional and Marketing Ideas for Vampyre Kisses • Blog Tour 

• Promotion on various websites, including but not limited to: 

• Blogging on

 • Advertising on 

• Passing out flyers and Vampyre Kisses items (IE shirts, stickers, and flyers) at conventions and other various locations

 • Using Google Alerts to make comments on various websites

 • Interviews on blogs

 • Reviews on websites and blogs 

• Joining book clubs

 • Speaking events at book clubs 

• Author to Author Book Review Club on Amazon Author Community 

• Author Displays in stores 

• Article submissions

 • Contacting local media (IE newspapers and such)

 • Kindle 

• Entering writing contests

 • Exhibits at book shows 

• Book signing at RT Booklovers Convention in April of 2011 

• Book giveaways 

• Book trailer on 

• Interviews on Internet Radio 

• Reviews by active customers 

And to show them how Vampyre Kisses was unique, I wrote this: 

How Vampyre Kisses Meets The Competition 

 Vampyre Kisses is a unique book mostly due to the Greek Mythology and Vampyre Lore mixed with my own imagination. From what I am told by readers and read in reviews, many people love that I actually have gods take a part in the story. They are not just heard about but play actual characters.
 Along with this, readers really enjoy seeing both Trent and Faith’s perspective of the events taking place, which is done by using them both to narrate the book.
 What is also important is the type of characters. They are not just clones you would see in some other book. They have their own histories and personal demons to fight. What seems to really catch the characters eye is that it is not just vampires and werewolves but a universe full of supernatural creatures. Such as, shape shifters, witches, psychics, salt whips, etc.
With all of this combined it makes for a terrific book that many people seem to be interested in. I really believe Vampyre Kisses to be a unique story and I am already being asked to come out with a sequel.

 Along with a copy of my book sent to them. Within a month or two (I’m horrible with keeping track of time) they sent me a letter, which stated that I had been approved and they would be buying 100 copies!

Doing things of this nature really aren’t that difficult. It just takes going out, telling people what you want, and seeing whom you need to speak with first. I really hope this blog post will help you in your journey to get your book out there! 

Happy Promoting!

 Liz ^_^

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  • Elizabeth Kolodziej

    aww! thanks so much for helping me spread the word!!

  • Tonya Plank

    Wow, thank you for the advice, Elizabeth! I just tweeted this post. And congratulations to you!