Friday Wisdom: The Worth of a Woman
Written by
Cyndi Briggs
November 2010
Written by
Cyndi Briggs
November 2010
This is today's post from my blog, The Sophia Project

Women hold up half the sky. - Chinese Proverb

I want to say something to you today, and I want to make sure you hear it. Ready? You are magnificent. You are a miracle. The odds of your being born just as you are at this particular moment in time are about 1 in 400,000,000,000. In other words, there are 399 billion reasons why you shouldn't be, yet you are. As you sit at your desk, reading this blog, your body is creating an entirely new self. Every seven years, your body completely regenerates itself. Right now, your body is creating heat, digesting food, imagining new thoughts. Every few seconds, your heart beats in a cycle, keeping you alive. And every minute you're alive, you have the potential to create beauty in this world. You might share a smile with a stranger, or hug a child, or write a blog, or save a life. You also might choose to spend your miraculous minutes criticizing your thighs, resenting your ex-boyfriend for not loving you enough, hating your job, or sacrificing yourself for someone or something undeserving of your attention. I want you to look at these girls in this video. Look at them. Aren't they beautiful, amazing? You are every bit as extraordinary as these girls, these women, who organized this dance to celebrate other women. See, women hold up half the sky. We are the answer to the world's problems. And as we heal ourselves, as we come to live into the destiny that awaits us, it becomes more and more difficult to discount our inherent worth, or how much the world desperately needs us. So this weekend, as you go about your rituals of renewal for the week ahead, I'm asking you to look deeply into yourself and ask yourself what wondrous gifts you've been hiding from the world. Ask yourself:
  • What is yours to share that you've kept hidden out of fear or insecurity?
  • What are your highest callings?
  • To what would you like to devote your life?
  • How will you help to solve the great inequities in the world today?
I'm here to support you in your journey, to cheer you on, and to remind you of your awesome-ness if you stumble or fall. In fact, once you take the dare to live your life at it's highest potential, you'll suddenly find your life flooded with amazing individuals on similar journeys, all cheering you on, all picking you up when you fall. Peace to you on your journey this weekend. And do drop me a line and share how it's going.

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