Why I write? --Leca Sinziana
Written by
Anjuelle Floyd
November 2010
Written by
Anjuelle Floyd
November 2010

I really don't know an exact answer to this. Maybe, I write because I have nothing else to do, because I love doing it, I never get bored. Writing has been my best way to live different lives, to get out all my frustrations without harming others, to explore different realms, to relax. I write because I feel the need to do it. I express myself far more better with a pen than sounds. I usually get these crazy ideas and every time they have a plot, "here it is, another story!". I believe that every single person that has ideas, no matter the subject, should make them known . After all, it is our right and responsibility to show them to the world! To sum it all up, I write because I love it! What's my process? Well, it depends on the subject. But, mostly, I start with a piece of paper/napkin/whatnot and a pen. I write the idea, pound on it and start continuing it until I feel it's finished. If I need information to make the story plausible, then I do research, a lot of research, until I know every little detail or way of it. This is the fun part! I get to gather a lot of knowledge while I'm at it. After my first draft is over, I start to correct it, maybe improve it. Again, take care of every little detail, then I ask someone else to read it and, finally, my product's been finished. Sounds easy... but, trust me, it isn't. As I said before, it's fun, entertaining and fruitful, even if it isn't published. If you want to read more about how and why I started writing see my blog: zuzu-theworldofroses.blogspot.com Thank you!

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