Once upon a time...
Written by
Jae Misra
October 2010
Written by
Jae Misra
October 2010
I'm new to this forum - actually I'm new to all forums on writing. I write scholarly research for my profession, but have only just started exploring the world of fiction. Oh, I've READ fiction - I LOVE fiction - but I've never written fiction before. This is a new frontier. I'm sure my story isn't unique. I started writing as a hobby about six years ago when my mother passed away (it was either writing or finding a good psychiatrist!) Writing brought me through my grief and focused my thoughts. In many ways I've grown closer to my mother and in a very real sense think of her every day. From the start, the work was always going to be fiction, it could be nothing else - I don't feel I knew my mother well enough to truly write a memoir - but my mother's life provided the core. So, technically, I'm writing a work of faction. My mother represented a type of woman, born of the Baby Boom, living with the chaos and change of the 20th century. As the world twisted around her, she too was shaped (No man – or woman – is an island.) My mother was a product of her time and her place; she was there, poised on the precipice of a cultural revolution and watched the world built by generations before crumble beneath her feet. She stood on the edge, saw the world as it could be, and stepped back from the void. There is much written about the leaders, the people who stood as beacons and drove the changes inherited by the neXt Generation, but most women caught up in the time were not leaders and many, like my mother, were not even willing participants in the transformation. Through this project I've gained insight into women of the Baby Boom generation and by extension what makes me a Gen-X woman. I'm coming to the end, now and it's time to climb out of my self-imposed writing bubble. I look forward to getting to know the writers on this forum and hearing your stories!

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