Unique Narrators
Written by
Eileen Granfors
October 2010
Written by
Eileen Granfors
October 2010
When I was writing "Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead," I asked in a discussion here on shewrites.com about using a Latina narrator even though I'm not Latina. I received a lot of supportive ideas. Having finished reading Chris Cleave's "Little Bee," I am firmly in the camp that if you can capture the voice, you can write from any point of view, including first person of the opposite sex, another ethnicity, or of course, animal (The Art of Racing in the Rain.) My cover artist, Martha Rodriguez, allowed me to use her cover art from my first chapter and my outline alone. Now reading the entire book, she has pronounced it "enchanting." This feels like the highest praise because Martha is very much devoted to her Chicana heritage. Thank you to all my shewrites supporters who have gotten me through the doldrums of drafts 15-20 so that "Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead" is now published and available on createspace.com and Amazon. It's a perfect read as we approach American Halloween WHICH IS NOT El Dia de los Muertos among Latin cultures. :0) Eileen

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