Oscar Nominated Actress, Alfre Woodard narrates GLORIOUS
As a writer, I have many hopes and dreams for my stories. The biggest hope is that my stories will be read by people from all walks off life, living all around the world. The most lavish dream, is that one of my stories will be adapted for the stage and/or screen. So it was a surprise and honor to find out that my novel, Glorious was going to be offered as an audio book and that the narrator would be the beautiful and talented, Golden Globe, Emmy Award Winning and Academy Award Nominated Actress: Alfre Woodard!

I recently listened to the audio book and it was thrilling to hear MY words...words that I had slaved and cried over...words that I tried time and time again, to turn my back...words that had more faith in me that I had in them - spill from the mouth of such a phenomenal woman. I will admit that many, many times, I chills swept through my body and I was moved to tears. The best hopes and dreams - are those that you never hoped and dreamed of. I invite you to listen to a free sample of GLORIOUS at Audible.com. If you like what you hear (and I guarantee you will) you can purchase and download Glorious to your PC, Mac, Kindle, iPhone, iPod, or 500+ MP3 players. Click here watch an exclusive interview of Alfre Woodard discussing Glorious

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