What Irritates Me?

1.Socks. Seriously, they are such a pain. They get lost in the dryer, stretch out for some unknown reason and then fall to your ankles. Don’t even get me started on too short black socks that show leg when dress slacks are hiked up! I’m not even going to discuss the white lint that gets all over everything in the dryer. It’s simply too painful. Who needs all that drama? 2. Overly sappy books. For example, I was reading a borrowed novel where the storyline was set in Italy where two photographers just so happen to share a cab to the same hotel. They work for the same company in New York, but have never met until now. I think that was an attempt at irony. Suddenly, in chapter three after the near strangers spend one short day together, I chocked on the line, “Why did she dislike her picture being taken? She troubled him…concerned him. He wanted to know so many things about her. God willing, he would.” I put down the book and moved on. 3.Rude drivers. Don’t they know they can kill someone? 4 .My own procrastination. 5. I hate when people slip out their false teeth in public places. Well, you’ll just have to read my blog for details on that one. http://lisawrites4life.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/keep-it-to-yourself/ 6. Television. I click and scroll through the extensive 500 plus channel menu and can’t seem to commit to a thing. Wait; is that being irritated with T.V. or my inability to commit? 7. The price of Groceries. How is it that I spend half my paycheck on stocking my kitchen? Oh, that’s right; hungry teenagers. I guess that’s a mild irritation with a great payoff. The kids make that price easy to pay. 8. Being sick is never fun, but being sick and in a small room with twenty kindergarteners is pure madness. Can you imagine little Johnny who loves to pull little Sallie’s hair responding to the tiny squeak of a teacher’s voice as she pleads through barely a whisper to please stop? I think Johnny was doing it just to hear me squeak. 9. Parents who feed their children overly sugared cereal and insist I provide them with a healthy snack or none at all drives me crazy. Please, moms and dads if you make the commitment to a no-sugar diet for your kids, I’m behind you all the way. For heaven’s sake, don’t send the “alternative” snack with an ingredient list to include water and high-fructose corn syrup as the first two ingredients and tell me I shouldn’t give your child one-hundred percent juice because of the sugar content! 10. Finally, the thing that irritates me most of all is, not being able to decisively end a writing piece. Like now for example, I sit at my computer clicking keys and can’t decide among the ten or so more things that irritate me. Perhaps that goes back to my inability to commit or something. So for now, let’s call this, “to be continued.”

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