The Art of Starting Over...
Written by
Brook Blander
October 2010
Written by
Brook Blander
October 2010
Yes, I called it an art. Anything that I do so many times with pure enthusiasm, from my whole heart with genuine intention of creating something beautiful, and can do it over and over again without the promise of fame and fortune, but simply because I like it...yeah, baby...its an art for me. But its not a good thing. Not today. Not yesterday or last week either. So I have this fascination with getting to a certain point in my prose writing projects and I start over. At one point in my career, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to create a book of story starts, which I still just might do. Would you like to pick up a story where its been left off? Take it as your own and run with it. Well, Im sure someone would. But anyway, back to this new art I've discovered for myself that right now, today, while Im trying to get this novel completed, is anything but sexy. I want to see a finish line, not repeated starting points. And I know that this is very much a common things, so I wanna hear what you have to say about it in the comments below. How are/do/did you handle it? Do you really believe its a sign of procrastination? Do you believe its a fear in disguise? Really, what do you think it is? And even do we get past it? How do we continue to move forward in our writing and stop looking back. When I look back, I get proud of how far I've come and just want to keep doing it over and over again. So until next time, I'll see you at the starting line again, real soon. -bb

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    Wow, I've been here before and I am sure I will be here again.  I am not sure if you can give it one specific name because I think it's as different as the writer him/herself.  For me, sometimes it's fear, fear of failing and fear of succeeding.  Somtimes it's procrastination, which some people still call fear.  Sometimes, it's just part of my process.  My process of becoming and being a writer.  No finish line, just starting and restarting.  What you do in the meantime is just continue to process it and breathe and at the precise moment you are ready to move beyond this point, you will.  Because in the end, only you have the power to decide when you are ready to move to that next level!